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As the manager for perioperative services, I am responsible for the staff and the quality of care that the staff provide throughout all phases of perianesthesia care. First, I manage the staff in a preoperative clinic. This unit is responsible for the preanesthesia assessment of all surgical patients. As soon as a surgery is booked, the work of putting together the preoperative story of the patient begins by a gathering of relevant patient data and calling the patient for an extensive nursing history. The workflow includes an algorithm that helps to identify patients at high risk for surgical or anesthesia-related complications. The main objective throughout this process is to help optimize the patient’s baseline status for the safest perianesthesia experience. I also manage the staff in the same-day “Ambulatory Care Unit.” Here, we greet the patients on the day of their surgery and continue the process of providing high-quality preoperative care that includes verifying patient information, confirming surgical consents and procedures, and initiating the IV and preoperative therapies. Some of the preoperative interventions are aimed at preemptive pain management and include the provision of preoperative nerve blocks. This is also the unit where patients returning home on the same day of their procedure will be brought for discharge preparation and teaching following recovery from anesthesia (the Phase II unit). The last unit I manage is the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) where patients receive Phase I level of care. In the 1960s, the courts deemed the PACU as “the most important room in the hospital,” and I could not agree more!

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