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I became an infusion nurse because of the influence of another nurse. She convinced me that becoming specialized in infusion nursing would be an asset to our organization. She also encouraged me to become certified in the specialty of infusion nursing, further validating my competence and skill. What are the biggest challenges of your job? To maintain consistency and standardization of practice among nurses. Nursing is both an art and science, and nurses look to evidence to support what they do. While the art of nursing allows for some variation, in infusion therapy adhering to standards and integrating the best evidence into practice will achieve the desired outcomes. Recognizing the value infusion nurses/teams bring to a health care organization is another challenge. While most patients in the hospital will have an IV at one time or another, it’s imperative that all clinicians understand the risks of infusion therapy. Complications can be local, such as phlebitis, or life-threatening due sepsis from a CLABSI. It’s been demonstrated that infusion teams can have a positive impact on an organization’s fiscal bottom line.

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